Thanksgiving is a time for family, friends, love, and heaping portions of delectable goodness. It also means the whole family gets together, which can sometimes get tricky. Don’t worry though, we’ve been there, and hopefully our guide can bring you some familiar smiles and warm memories as you catch your breath over the long weekend. We all have that one family member that can make or break the day, so the Blavity team has put together a guide to surviving the day.
Eat up!

That one family member who always trys “to educate” you

That one family member trying to regulate how many plates you’ve had.
That one cousin you don’t see often you can depend on to get turnt up with you
friends dancing.gif
The first time not spending holidays with your family
big brother face.gif
That one family member that always has one toooooo many drinks then decides to hand you a buttered roll with their bare hands
That one Cousin who realizes that your aunt bought that bomb mac and cheese that she makes every year
That one uncle who is mad watching the Thanksgiving football game but then realizes it’s time to eat
That one uncle that hasn’t seen you in years but is so excited to see you!
That one family member that swears they can cook #FamilyBelike
When that family member insists you eat their questionable cooking
When  your drunk aunt starts telling  everybody’s business
When you’re in the kitchen and someone wants to help with the cooking
When someone wants to ask you why you are still single
When someone is hovering over you to dish out the plates faster
That One Person Who leaves with WAY more than what they came in with
That One Person Who doesn’t know there is a method to packing leftovers in the fridge madness
That one family member that brings a non-POC and now you can’t talk about certain things

From our family to yours, may your bellies be full, secrets be kept and fights be over football only!

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