Once upon a time at the 1996 National Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony, one Clinton was in office and just like 20 years later, the other was not. During the annual event enjoyed by millions of Americans, Patti LaBelle took the stage to perform the 1971 Donny Hathaway classic hit, "This Christmas." Ms. LaBelle forgot the main ingredient for every vocal performance. The words.

She forgot the words.

In true Patti fashion, she belted out a strong opening note and it was all downhill from there. She seemed a bit unsure but made it through as she sang the first line, "Hang all the mistletoe, I'm gonna get to know you better. This Christmas." Apparently, she knew something but it wasn't this tune. She called on her background singers, however, they could only do but so much. Pattie proceeded to throw the cue card holder under the bus because apparently, the words were wrong.

The audience appeared as so:

Even these children who were likely unfamiliar with Donny Hathaway, knew the jig was up.

Watch the hilarious performance in its entirety.


But, in all fairness, this is one of the very few discrepancies on the Queen's repertoire.

Here's one of her better Christmas performances. Auntie did NOT come to play!

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