Tyler Perry has long been known as one of the most successful, talented men in Hollywood, but apparently, he's considered a sex symbol to many, many women.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Perry has been sharing photos of his progress with exercise as he gets in shape. 

The photos he posts, while not at all thirsty and actually fairly motivating, have drawn some very, very thirsty responses. 

That photo had dozens of women in the comments shooting their shots. Someone even found their mom in the comments. 

Here are some of the ones that had us cracking up. 

Some even shot a shot on behalf of fictional TV characters. 

While the thirst posts were hilarious, there was actually a fair amount of positivity in the comment section. Many people began sharing photos of themselves and talking about how happy they were as they reached their 40s and 50s. 

But the funniest comments were a mother and daughter who went back and forth in the comment section. Let your momma do her thing.

The comments were similarly thirsty on Facebook. But dozens of posts were simply inspirational takes on Perry's original comment about enduring a midlife crisis, with many women showing how happy they were as the reached older ages.