The Breakfast Club did something special for those listeners who accuse the brand of being too liberal. Charlamagne Tha God had a special guest on Tuesday’s show just for them: Uncle Ruckus.

Charlamagne had a hilarious conversation with The Boondocks’ favorite curmudgeon about an array of subjects.

The host asked Ruckus about the Democratic presidential candidates, and the conservative had a lot to say.

Ruckus began by making it clear he doesn’t believe Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) stands a chance.

“Even n***as don’t like Cory Booker. He ain’t got nothin’ new to say,” Ruckus said before comparing Booker to Keegan Michael Key. “Look at his last name and do what it says: BOOK! Booker. Get outta here Cory! He ain’t got nothin’ new to add.”

The Boondocks heel added he first saw Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) from behind and thought she was a “fine white woman with that nice chocolate hair” before concluding the “n**gatry is strong” when she turned around.

Ruckus went on to claim Harris thinks she is “slick” because she “locked up a bunch of Black folks” to appease Republicans, but he ain’t buying it.

“I can see through her! I can see through her multinationalism,” he said.

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The male version of Diamond and Silk the told Charlamagne he believes there are only three types of people who are qualified to run the country.

“Here’s the hierarchy for president: gotta be a good white man,” Ruckus said. “Then, second, if there ain’t no good white man then a good white woman can take his place with the guidance of a good white man. Third, nobody else. Barack Obama proved that a colored man cannot run a country.”

The “Don’t Trust Them Niggas” singer also came out against universal healthcare, arguing Black people would live longer with access to proper healthcare.

“We do not need a world where colored folks out here living as long as the good white man,” he said. “Colored folks is ‘sposed to do what colored folks did in the past: die about age 53.”

Ruckus also pledged his allegiance to Donald Trump several times during the discussion. He even admitted to having a pillow embroidered with Trump’s face.

“He’s like a superhuman with super beautiful hair,” Ruckus said. “There is no competition for Donald Trump.”

The Boondocks cartoonist Aaron McGruder created Ruckus, who is voiced by actor Gary Anthony Williams. The comic series turned television show attracted new attention when Charlamagne posted new comics from McGruder on Instagram last month. 

Listen to the full interview below for Ruckus’ ramblings on Jussie Smollett, racist fashion and his debilitating struggle against re-vitiligo:

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