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Many life experiences are better when you have someone that you can enjoy them with. From epic vacations to special milestones, sharing pivotal life moments is only amplified when the people that mean the most to you can experience it with you.

The concept of shared experiences can go beyond any “lituation.” It can also be translated to safety and security. Ever heard of the buddy system? It’s the concept that your legal guardian or parent taught you when navigating life with siblings or cousins. Or maybe you were introduced to the idea when that overbearing teacher wanted you to learn early accountability on a school field trip. No matter the introduction, the buddy system was put in place as a means to ensure you are never alone if things ever happen to go against the established plans.

The buddy system may bring on nostalgia, but as adults, it’s a necessary safety precaution. Check out these six tips that show why the buddy system is one of your best bets in every situation.

1. When it’s dark, dress light

This doesn’t mean lightweight fabrics; it refers to the colors you wear. Brighter colors make you visible at night and less of a risk for incidents when darker colors are harder to see against ill-lit atmospheres. Plus, you’re doubly lit when you and a buddy are in bright colors. It’s giving highlighters for safety.

2. Always have a pair of comfortable shoes handy

This is just a good rule of thumb because some shoes are only made for fashion, not comfort. So switching out shoes mid-event will be clutch. However, in case things go sour, having the ability to pull a pair of sneakers out of your home girl’s purse could be a game changer for the exit plan.

3. Look in every direction

Having a buddy provides multiple sight coverage in various situations. Having several lines of sight keeps you abreast of your surroundings and can help prevent sudden issues.

4. Location, location, location

Sharing your location can seem invasive, but having at least one person on the list to share with is critical to safety. If your location is missing or suddenly seems off in your app, the person with access can call the authorities to step in.

5. Update your emergency contacts

Your favorite cousin may be your favorite person. Still, if they live thousands of miles away, they may not be the best resource in an emergency. Be sure to have a person or two in the local area that you call when you need them most.

6. Post-event updates provide comfort

Has your friend ever asked you to text them when you get home? That’s because they care about your well-being. Send the text once you actually make it in the door from Sunday Funday. It makes a difference.

As the world evolves, the importance of safety and security becomes more critical. Don’t get caught slipping. Having a person or two you can always depend on could make a difference. It may be a childhood rule, but the buddy system saves lives. Period.

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