Roy Wood Jr. and Jaboukie Young-White teamed up for a segment on Wednesday night's episode of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, in which they parodied the show Property Brothers. The pair traveled all the way to Jamaica, Queens, as the "Property Brothas" in an attempt to sell President Donald Trump's childhood home, which is actually on the market, according to New York Magazine.

The skit began with both comedians entering the home and remarking on how normal the interior seems to be.

"The living room looks like a failed Black sitcom from the ’90s,” Wood Jr. said while the camera panned across a red living room set.

“It’s not Trump-y. It looks Eric Trump at best,” Young-White added.

The duo then proceeded to welcome in prospective buyers, hosting an open house that was similar to what is done by normal real estate agents.

“Everything about it makes me uncomfortable. I really don’t like the idea of living in his house,” one of the potential buyers said in response to information about the past tenants.

Another guest simply listed the home's past as a deal-breaker, saying, “I just want a comfortable home … where Donald Trump hasn’t lived.”

This was not the first time Comedy Central used the president's childhood home as fuel for a sketch. Anthony Atamanuik of The President Show visited the home in character to reunite with an old friend and hang out at the neighborhood diner.

"So many memories here, the most important being when I moved out," Atamanuik said in his role as President Trump. "Once my dad made a lot more money evicting minorities from their apartments, which was always a thrill."

Though the Property Brothas weren't able to complete the sale of the Queens home, maybe the comedy routine will show people how much we need new tenants at his latest residence, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.