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The Internet's Steve Lacy Produces Latest Solo Project From His iPhone

Collectively and individually, the members of The Internet are the ones to watch.

Two years later and The Internet's Ego Death is still in heavy rotation. Now that Syd dropped her solo project, Fin, it's been hard to find time to listen to anything else. It's just that good! I guess I'm going to have to make room because another member of The Internet is releasing his debut project today and we're ready. Through a handful of tweets, guitarist Steve Lacy announced he would be releasing his a "song series" through Apple Music today.

Then he gave more details

And confirmed it was done.

Fans were anxiously awaiting the official release of the song series after hearing a few singles on Lacy's official SoundCloud account. Steve Lacy along with the rest of The Internet sat down with Matt Wilkinson of Beats 1 to discuss Steve Lacy's Demo where he revealed that he produced the 6-song project straight from his iPhone. 

"I did this to kinda put out, I mean for one this is what my sound is, just because I feel like the first thing that I started creating with..the other reason, was that like, to give the message to kids that like, you don’t have to be limited to use this equipment to get these ideas out. I feel like there’s a lot of kids or just people in general who are like, “I can’t do this because I don’t have this”. Y’know what I’m saying? Yeah, when you have an iPhone, work with what you have. Cause if you have the ideas, it’s going to comprehend you know what I’m saying?"

In another interview, he gave props to the app GarageBand for being there when he had ideas in a hotel, the cars, overseas, wherever. He loves that he can be mobile and still produce the sounds he wants and sounds that represent him. In a brief discussion between Lacy and Syd, we're informed that another iPhone beat Steve Lacy gifted us with was J. Cole's 'Folding Clothes" of his latest project, 4 Your Eyez Only.

"I want to play you guys some stuff straight from the phone, straight from the sessions, some music's that already out...first song is J. Cole's 'Folding Clothes.'" Lacy explained on the Beats 1 The Internet Presents: The Internet interview. "Me and Cole have the same sound guy (shout out Ray) and we were in Vancouver at Pemberton. I met Cole and we were talking about life or something, and I was like "yeah I make beats on my iPhone" and he was like, "no way dude, BS." And I’m like "yeah totally." Then I got my iPhone and showed him and he was freaking out. We exchange info and he tells me he was going to send me some loops. So months go by I still have his info but I just never hit him. But he had the loops ready so as soon as I hit him, he sent me the loops two weeks before he’s about to turn in his album, which is crazy. He sent them in bulk and I sent them back four beats and this beat was the one that was like IT, which was crazy. I had another one that was my fave but this one made it, and I’m grateful for that. Thanks to J. Cole."

Syd goes on to state the same thing we're all wondering, "I don't understand how you get the quality to come through that clear." Lacy goes on to explain all you need is a 'pop filter.' Amazing.

Listen to Steve Lacy's game-changing song series, Steve Lacy's Demo officially on Apple Music or SoundCloud.

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