Slain rapper and philanthropist Nipsey Hussle has been immortalized by fans, as his vision for community, prosperity and wellness inspire the world in the wake of his passing. Still, it is his two children, Emani and Kross Asghedom, who ultimately represent his legacy. Here’s what we know about the two miniature legends, safe in the Asghedom family’s care. 

1. Nipsey’s children, Emani and Kross, are to split his estate, with each child set to inherit $1 million when they come of age, TMZ says.

A year after his death, the rapper-entrepreneur is most remembered for his vision, Forbes reported in a nod to the artist's ambitious spirit. It comes as no surprise that Nipsey took the necessary steps to preserve his legacy and provide for his children after his earthly demise.

2. The New York Daily News reports 11-year-old Emani is in the Asghedom family’s care, being raised by Nipsey’s sister, brother and mother.

After declaring Emani's mother Tanisha Foster unfit, the Asghedom family has fought for full custody of the pre-teen. Since his death, Emani has been seen in good spirits, as her aunt Samantha vowed on Instagram to keep her and Nipsey’s loved ones close.

3. Both children have celebrated their first birthdays without their father. 

Captured in a clip by Entertainment Tonight, children Emani and Kross made their debut on the national stage at Nipsey’s funeral service, while Lauren London's son with Lil Wayne, Kameron Carter, shared a few words on he and Nip's special bond. In the year since his passing, fans and supporters have been able to remain abreast of some of the good times Nipsey's two children have experienced, via his sister Samantha’s Instagram, including birthdays. 

4. Emani was her dad’s date to the 2019 Grammys. 

Nipsey’s studio debut, Victory Lap, won high praise from outlets like Rolling Stone, ultimately earning the rapper the nomination for Best Rap Album at the 2019 Grammys. At the award show, E News captured the rapper on the red carpet with daughter Emani in tow, sending his clear, characteristic message: Family first.

5. Emani said a few words in honor of her father at her elementary school graduation last summer, which were share in a clip posted on Twitter.

Indeed, the marathon continues, as fans and family of the slain rapper can be heard incanting in his wake. On its surface, the mantra refers to Nipsey’s clothing store, as well as the site of his killing. What’s more, though, is the refrain’s evocation of his larger vision: strong family and community ties, peace and prosperity. From the mouths of babes, Nipsey Hussle’s legacy breathes life.