NFL draft pick Olu Fashanu saw his dream come true on Thursday, but it was his mother that became the talk of the nation. Paige Fashanu became an internet sensation as she celebrated with her son’s official arrival to the NFL. Shortly after learning that Olu has been drafted by the New York Jets, Paige and the dozens of other family members who gathered at the draft party in their home erupted with cheers and hugs. As video of the celebration circulated online, fans especially took notice of how Paige was blocking out her son’s girlfriend, who was sitting on the couch with the family.

“His mama boxing her out like prime Alonzo Mourning lmfaooo,” one person wrote.

Many others followed up with similar comments.

Although Paige didn’t appear to block out her son’s girlfriend intentionally, that didn’t stop people from launching jokes.


Olu was sitting on the couch with his parents and his girlfriend as he waited to hear his name called on draft night, per the Atlanta BlackStar. Immediately after Olu got the phone call from the Jets, Paige threw her body on her son and wrapped her arms around him as tight as possible. Olu’s girlfriend, who was sitting to the left of the jubilant mother, struggled to avoid Paige’s flailing elbows as she tried to embrace her boyfriend.

While some people joked about the white girlfriend being blocked out from the Black family, others shared additional context to prove that she’s very-much welcomed in the house.

At the end of the day, it appeared to be an unforgettable day for the family. Olu, the 21-year-old offensive lineman from Penn State, will now try to prove that he belongs in the league. The Jets selected Olu as the No. 11 pick.