The X Factor finalist Rebecca Ferguson is opening up about the mental abuse she faced for years in the music industry in hopes of inspiring other female artists to take back control over their careers and tell their own stories.

Ferguson is returning to music after a seven-year hiatus, Variety reported. On Dec. 5, she released her new album, Heaven Part II, which takes listeners on a ride through the ebbs and flows she’s experienced over the past few years that led her to become the woman she is today. Releasing music as an independent artist is important to Ferguson because it gives her ownership over her intellectual property, along with full creative freedom.


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Recently, the British native opened up about her time on the X-Factor during her interview with Variety. Despite previously sharing her story, she continues to advocate for other women.

During the pandemic, Ferguson was able to reflect and reevaluate some of her encounters and working relationships within the music industry.

“I would say that I was most certainly a victim of abuse,” she said. “It was a bit normalized. It almost felt like this is part of the package, which is so toxic not just for me, but for many women working in the creative industry.”

Ferguson also shared that she related to pop icon Britney Spears while reading her memoir, The Woman In Me.

“It was fascinating to read Britney’s story because I did see some similarities,” the 37-year-old said. “I was shocked and it made me go ‘Wow.’ She’s a superstar and that was happening to her and we didn’t know.”

Without sharing the identities of some of her former colleagues or partners, Ferguson disclosed how she was unable to talk to her family of free will, had to deal with employees sharing her day-to-day activities with management, and was forced to do interviews when she didn’t want to.

“It really makes me sad that I had to endure that,” Ferguson said.

Ferguson is now in a much better place with her new husband and growing daughter. She’s doing life on her terms and is excited about her latest project because it’s something that helped her rediscover her passion for music.

“I don’t hate music; I love music. I just didn’t like the industry too much,” she said

Following her Variety interview, the singer thanked her fans on X, formerly known as Twitter, for their outpouring of love and support.

“I just wanted to thank absolutely everybody who has supported me and my album 🙏 I am so very grateful I appreciate you so much 💖” she tweeted.  “Also everybody who has worked on the album thank you for your amazing talent.. I released on a Tuesday so unlikely to chart but there’s always next…”