Whether you've been on the receiving end of a breakup or not, it is bound to stir up a flood of unwanted emotions and take you through a roller coaster of misplaced feelings and doubts.


Ultimately, the best relationship goals anyone can have is to him or herself.

No one can tell you when you're over it until you're over it, but sometimes we need be able to express the ending of our relationships in more unorthodox ways.

So here are 11 things you need to do after a breakup that maybe your prayer counselor, favorite advice columnist, former college roomie or reruns of the Oprah Winfrey show won't tell you.

1. Eat your weight in comfort food.


Call mama and tell her you're rolling through for her homemade biscuits. Splurge in your weekly budget to eat fast food because you probably won't be cooking. And who says you can't eat ice cream for dinner?

Surely physicians and therapists will tell you to workout at the gym and skip on macaroni and cheese, but the floor has fallen from underneath you. Treat yourself. 


2. Ugly cry.


Get it out. Let it go. No sense in holding it in. Blow a snot-bubble. Cry until you fall asleep like in the movie Losing Isaiah in the backseat of Halle Berry's car, and wake up feeling a little bit more capable to take on the world.

3. Binge-watch that show your ex hated.


You know that show you've always wanted to start watching, but your former significant other said it was too girly or stupid?

Remove them from your Netflix subscription and pop the popcorn. The only interruption you're bound to have is when it asks if you're still watching. 

4. Unfriend your ex on social media and cyberstalk Jason Momoa instead.



Idris Elba, Rihanna, Kofi Siriboe, does it really matter?

Whatever your taste, just about every celebrity has an Instagram of sexy selfies that'll put your ex's selfies to shame. 

5. Skip the sad songs and listen to music that makes you feel like a badass.


Breakup songs will have you missing the girl you played in the sand box with in the first grade or mourning the loss of a SO you never had.

If you're already in pain from heartbreak, why intentionally hurt yourself anymore?

Put on some Bad Gal Riri, some Yoncé (especially Lemonade), or simply any kind of music that makes you feel like this:


6. Pull a Ciara, not a Taylor Swift.


Don't sit in your room writing sad songs about how they were your world and now your world is shattered without them.

Post a picture of your revenge body to show them what they've been missing and slay.

7. Make memes.


Instead of setting fire to his favorite sweatshirt from college or throwing out the poor plant she gave you to brighten up your place though you never watered it, give into our generations' favorite pastime and create memes using your ex's selfies or crop funny faces onto his/her face in your pictures together.

Just don't post them.

8. Be risky.


Okay, so don't get too wasted or drive your ex off the highway, but get out of your comfort zone a little.

Be unapologetic and do something for you. Everyone is going to want you to talk about your feelings, but every now and then, you might just need to break away and do something for you.

9. Laugh until it hurts. Giphy

Turn on some funny movies, take a trip to a local comedy club or find a crazy friend who can make you laugh.

If at the end of the day all it takes is time to allow yourself to heal, you might as well enjoy the ride.

And it'll help you to forget the pain at least for a little while. 


10. Bust the windows out his car.


We've all thought about it. And we've all been angry enough to actually go through it. Honestly, it may give you temporary relief. If destroying his car is a little too much for you, there's nothing wrong with starting with his clothes or his most prized possessions.

11. Keep in touch with the parents/family.


The relationship may be over, but you could've created a real bond with your S.O.'s parents and family. It's cool if you're not in a rush to break all ties with them just because it didn't work out. If they call, answer. If you get an invite to the family gathering, don't be rude; give the people what they want.

What are some unconventional ways do you get over a breakup?