If you’re an avid follower of Twitter, chances are you’ve seen the surfacing of what we know to be an "Anti-Meghan Markle" hate coalition — a campaign that recently resurfaced on the internet that features a series of social media hate profiles, after months of radio silence. The campaign is now back in the public's eye after going viral via a series of "Anti Meghan" monetized YouTube videos. 

As a result of the recent uptick in hate aimed at the Duchess of Sussex, the hate campaign is currently under an investigation that is being conducted by Bot Sentinel, a platform created to tackle troll accounts and fake user profiles. In addition to the free platform's new reports, the company is already familiar with this particular case, as it conducted prior reports that were filed in recent months.

Markle has faced never-ending public harassment over the years from tabloids, critics and anonymous social media trolls, and it seems that there is no way around receiving criticism from the public eye, no matter what sanctions, restrictions and guidelines there are that strongly prohibit hate speech on the internet. 

Where does Markle go from here? Below is all we currently know about the situation.