Four Black Irish men made an impression on the internet after engaging in a lively dialogue about their favorite hairstyles on women. The spirited discussion unfolded on an episode of the WYHA? podcast, which as of reporting time has been viewed by almost 10,000 people on YouTube since it was posted last week and shared on multiple social media platforms. 

"What's your favorite hairstyle?" one of the podcasters asked, sparking the spirited exchange on the show.

The first person to answer the question initially assumed that they were supposed to talk about men's hairstyles.

"I like the cornrows that go halfway and the braids come out in the back," he said, adding some sound effects to emphasize how much he loves the style.

After realizing that the question was referring to women, the podcaster passionately yelled out his love for the "blond bob." Another one of the podcasters vehemently agreed.

"Blond bob," he shouted while dabbing his like-minded friend. 

 The discussion turned up another notch as the men continued to scream while visualizing women with the blond bob.

"Turn off this podcast right now," one of the blond-bob lovers said, suggesting that there is no need to have any further discussion about any other type of style.

Still, the men had plenty more to say about their favorite looks on women. While some of the podcasters showed a preference for certain types of braids, including soft glam braids, the blond-bob supporters refused to be swayed.  

The men dove deeper into the conversation when they talked about certain styles that are popular in specific regions. In the midst of the passionate discussion, one of the men dropped a line that became a favorite on social media.

"You can rock my world," he said.