Social media has been flooded with footage from the Jan. 6 domestic terrorist attack on Capitol Hill that resulted in six deaths, the desecration of the Capitol Building, and the second impeachment of President Donald Trump

But thanks to the avalanche of video from the incident, much of it from domestic terrorists themselves, social media sleuths have been able to spot family members, bosses, co-workers and others they know from their hometowns. 

On Monday, the FBI said they had already charged dozens of people and planned to dole out hundreds of more charges related to the attack, noting that this was far from just a simple protest gone wrong. Those who participated in the attack were organized, killed a police officer and brought a variety of weapons ranging from pipe bombs to Molotov cocktails and guns.

Even those who have not yet been charged are facing consequences for taking part in the riot, with multiple people losing their jobs due to the backlash. 

Here are a few of the Trump supporters who somehow managed to get fired not exactly on their day off but because of the deplorable way they spent it.