Update (January 7, 2021): A woman who was shot by Capitol Police during the Wednesday attack on Capitol Hill has been identified as Ashli E. Babbitt reports NPR.

Babbitt was among countless rioters who stormed the Capitol during a violent "Stop The Steal" rally. She was shot earlier in the day by police and later pronounced dead on Wednesday evening. The woman was one of four to be declared dead in the wake of the deadly insurrection. 

Original (January 6, 2021): The District of Columbia National Guard has finally been dispatched after hours of unprecedented violence after President Donald Trump
urged his supporters to overtake the U.S. Capitol building.

Social media was flooded with videos and images of Trump supporters punching and tackling police while breaking windows and forcing their way onto the Senate floor.

Many online were aghast to see police effectively allow the rioters to take over the Capitol Building in what even Republican congresspersons were calling a "coup attempt."

“This is what the president has caused today, this insurrection,” Utah Senator Mitt Romney told The New York Times.

Earlier in the day, Trump urged his supporters to "fight" and told rioters he would walk with them to the Capitol Building.

Shortly after his speech, his supporters did just that, breaking through four layers of barricades and punching police before breaking into the Capitol Building.