This 100-Year-Old Great-Grandma Dancing To Bruno Mars Is Goals AF

We hope to have half of her energy and spirit!

Photo Credit: Photo: Facebook/Daron Popeye Loc Anderson

| March 03 2017,

10:28 pm

Any birthday should be considered a milestone, but to reach 100 years of living is nothing short of a blessing.

That's what this great-grandmother is probably feeling as she brought in her birthday the best way she could: by two-stepping to "24K Magic" by Bruno Mars. Without a slip in her rhythm, she proudly jigged with encouragement of the family members surrounding her. It first shared on Facebook:

Now, the great-grandmother has become a viral sensation. Multiple videos have been shared of the wonder woman, and while we may not know her name yet, her bright spirit and high energy is enough to make us fans.

Goals AF.