One Ohio kid has gotten the attention of presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren, and we can't get enough. Jaden Jefferson, a self-taught multimedia journalist, said he has dreams of owning his own news operation. 

Jefferson, whose passion for journalism was sparked through his love of writing, has taught himself how to shoot, edit and produce his own stories, according to CBS News.

After asking about her opinion on Trump's most egregious policy, Jaden's second question was what the candidate's doing to ensure "equal opportunities for people of color."

"Every time I think about economic issues, I stop and say: 'but let's also see how it intersects with race,'" the 70-year-old began before going into the history of discriminatory real estate, including redlining. 

It's Jefferson's passion for politics and journalism that led him to scoring an interview with Warren after a town hall in his hometown of Toledo, Ohio.

"In the mornings it can get hectic," Jefferson said. "Because if I get breaking news I try to print out that story, read over it, and then post some stuff to social media, write a web story for it, so it's a lot."

The 11-year-old lucked up again and got to sit with another presidential candidate Tim Ryan, NBC 24 reported.

"Politics is an exciting thing we're talking about, here," he said. "This affects us all, and, I mean, there's 22 Democratic candidates, and that's really something interesting to cover. Not everyone is politically inclined so that's really what my goal is: to make sure that everyone's informed."

Although he shoots and edits by himself, Jefferson said his family members are huge supporters of his work.

The rising sixth grader said he gets help from his grandma to drive him around to his different shoots. 

Jefferson's mom, Lynnell, said she remembers when her son began filming himself as a news anchor behind a kid-sized desk, The Washington Post reported.

Now, the future media mogul has taken his talents to the campaign trail with no plans on slowing down.

Watch the full interview below: