A California kindergarten student is going viral on social media after her mom shared a photo of her wearing the ultimate face mask bound to protect her from the coronavirus during a trip to the store.

According to Buzzfeed News, Justice Granberry, 5, was getting ready to join her mom, Raena, on a trip to buy holiday decorations when Raena asked her to grab a face mask as stores nationwide enforce safety guidelines due to the coronavirus pandemic.

As instructed, Justice brought a mask, but it wasn’t your typical face covering. The 5-year-old brought out the ultimate sci-fi face shield — a Mandalorian costume mask. The Mandalorian is a popular Star Wars character and title star of the Disney+ series.

“I told my daughter to grab her mask so we can go to the store. This was the mask she grabbed,” her mom wrote on Twitter.

The photo of Justice has been shared by thousands of Star Wars fans, including actor Pedro Pascal, who plays the main character in The Mandalorian series.

The little girl's adorable photo also won over Daniel Logan, the actor who played Boba Fett, a Mandalorian bounty hunter in one of the Star Wars trilogies.

The young girl and her mask even inspired a number of artists to recreate the photo in some stunning illustrations.

For Halloween, Justice dressed up as Rey Skywalker, the lead character from the most recent Star Wars trilogy. The little girl said she gets her passion for the Star Wars franchise from her dad, George, who enjoys sharing his fandom with his family.

"I grew up on it, of course. Just being a Star Wars fan as a child, the things that I enjoyed are the things I try to share with them," he said. "It’s been fun to watch them really kind of take to it and really start to embrace the movies and the entire culture."

According to Buzzfeed, Justice started kindergarten this year and has been having a hard time adjusting to remote learning and being away from her friends. Raena said she's been working part-time to help her children with school while George’s work managing a cemetery has been just as stressful due to the pandemic.

However, she said they’ve been able to get through it together as a family and she's happy that people can find light in her child's style. 

“I just think this entire year has thrown us all for a loop,” Raena said. “People really want some light, some joy, like we’re looking for it all the time. Kids are just so pure and happy, it kind of makes you forget all of the mess.”

George said he cherishes the photo because it shows their family values and the importance of wearing masks during the pandemic.

“I think the picture is important [because] it portrays what we really want, and that’s for people to wear the mask,” he said.