Virtual reality in film is the hottest thing nowadays, and many filmmakers are joining the VR bandwagon.

Of course, it’s always important to highlight those films created by and featuring people of color. Thanks to Alton Glass (The Confidant, The Mannsfield), we have another one!


Glass’ virtual reality film, A Little Love, premiered Saturday, June 17, 2017 at the American Black Film Festival (ABFF).

It is one of the first virtual reality films to feature people of color. Glass has a history with ABFF, having won big at the 2014 ABFF Independent Film Awards for his drama CRU. The film took home awards in each and every category it was nominated for, including Best Film and Best Director.

A Little Love stars Kellita Smith and Dorien Wilson, and follows a little girl whose birthday wish is to spend more time with her mother, according an interview with Black Enterprise.

Glass incorporates live-action and animated footage, which fully immerses the audience in a 360° experience via VR technology.

“Seeing the audience watch A Little Love for the first time was really awesome,” Glass told Black Enterprise.“They were looking all around, laughing, and just fully transported into this experience. I think that this was something very different for them to experience at a film festival [and] at ABFF, and I think that they loved it.”

So dope!

The interactive screening was followed by a Q&A featuring Glass, VR experts and television executives.

 “What inspired me to create a narrative in virtual reality like this, was being able to see someone like myself — for people of color or diversity — inside of an experience in virtual reality,” Glass said. “I’ve never seen anything where I felt like I was there — [in the film] — with people that looked like me. So, I felt compelled to make that piece.”

In addition to highlighting the fact that his film is one of the first of its kind, Glass made sure to express the significance of debuting his film at ABFF. “It was important for me to debut this film at ABFF because … ABFF has very supportive throughout my career,” Glass noted.

This film seems dope and I look forward to the opportunity to see and experience it! You can find more info about A Little Love at its website!