Judge Qiana Lillard, of the Wayne County Third Circuit Court Criminal Division, had to let the entire courtroom know that she wasn't playing any games on the 24th day of Black History Month, in the year of 2017. 26-year-old Amanda Kosal killed 31-year-old Jerome Zirker and severely injured his fiance, 31-year-old Brittany Johnson in the township of Redford, Michigan while drunk, driving. 

Things seemed to be going routinely until a group of Kosal's family members there in her support began smirking and laughing during the victims' family members statements about losing their loved one. This obviously was not going to fly in Qiana Lillard's courtroom, by any stretch of the imagination, so she had to provide the hands of justice to the entire group of insensitive, disruptive "clowns" who thought this was the day to try it.

In fact, after she had one man escorted out of the courtroom, another woman thought this was the signal to really make a point and ramp up the action. She caught a swift 93 days in jail for her behavior and was talking back to the judge the entire time while being escorted out of the courtroom. 

As you can see, it was not the day to try it. And in the eloquently put words of Judge Lillard herself, "Not in courtroom 502, not today and not any other day." 

Judge Qiana Lillard is a national treasure that should be celebrated and applauded for her service to her country. And although we hope it's under better circumstances, she deserves some recognition for all the hard work she does to officiate the law on behalf of the American people – especially when folks are acting up.