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This Hilarious Edit Of The Nauseating Kim Kardashian-Trump Photo Just Proved America Really Is The Sunken Place

It's funny but not.

We were equally annoyed and confused when Kim Kardashian announced she was meeting with Donald Trump to talk about prison reform.

The irritation intensified when Trump posted a picture of himself and Kardashian after the meeting.

But, we knew it was only a matter of time before the internet worked its magic, and we were not disappointed.
Twitter user Andrew Q.M. LaSane posted an edited version of the picture, and we are dying.
In the pic, we see Kardashian and Trump posing with Roseanne and the vintage version of the family from Get Out. Kanye West also makes an appearance---outside the window on the left. They wrong for this but yet oh so right.

Even Get Out director Jordan Peele was blown by the picture.
Once again, the internet is undefeated.
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