This past week was another one jam-packed with both good and bad news. There was the tragic shooting in Charleston, SC where nine lives were taken (six of them women) but also a joyous celebration of fathers. Check out the links below to stay on top of the news and make sure you didn’t miss a thing.

  1. The hashtag #HowItFeelsToBeABlackGirl trended on Black Twitter this past week and captured the true essence of what it means to grow up as a Black girl.
  2. There was another #Blackout on Tumblr this past Sunday, just in time for the beginning of summer.
  3. In a candid interview, Serena Williams spoke about the struggles she had with her body image growing up and the journey to acceptance.
  4. 12-year-old girl suffered a fractured jaw and broken ribs after her and her family were forced by police to leave a pool because one member of the group didn’t have an appropriate swimsuit.
  5. 16-year-old Arnesha Bowers was brutally sexually assaulted and murdered in her grandmother’s home.
  6. In yet another misguided Vogue article, North West was declared an inspiration for naturals. *cue eye roll* Black Twitter did not agree at all.
  7. Two parents of a  5-year-old girl decided to get creative in teaching their daughter about notable Black women in history by dressing her up as them.
  8. Two Black women made history by receiving doctorates in physics from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University this spring. Keep killing the game!