Although the media would like us to focus on Black absent fathers, we must collectively begin to move past the notion that this particular situation is exclusive to Black people. Instead, we have to invest more time into celebrating the Black fathers and father figures who are doing their part in order to change this troubling narrative that has plagued our community for far too long.

With that said, to all the Black fathers out there, whether you’re reading these words, at work or out spending this special day with your children — we thank you, we love you and we honor Black fatherhood each and every day.

To best celebrate this special holiday, Blavity curated some of the best pictures and YouTube clips from our staff, friends and other online outlets to show you what Black fatherhood really looks like.

Oh, and one more thing — the photos and videos below are pretty stinkin’ cute. So they may or may not make your eyes sweat. You’ve been warned.

Our fathers always brought us to school …

Chanel Wilson

… and were there to walk us back home.


Our fathers cradled us in their protective and loving arms when nap time came around.
The Black Daddies Club
Melissa Wynter
Danielle Lake

They taught us to stand tall and be proud of who we are …

Jalani Morgan

… to be fighters …

Leon Robinson

… while also encouraging us to always be ourselves.


We are our fathers #WCW’s 

… and they are our first valentine.


Pinterest/Black Women Losing Weight
Our daddies took us out on our first date …
Kolleen Rochel

… and are the men we stood next to before we left for prom, as they put the fear of God into our dates.

Candice Crutchfield

They learned how to do our hair …

… and if even if they weren't pros, they still tried.

Our fathers would always put us in our place if we got out of hand, but would give us a balloon or toy to say sorry for startling us.

They gave us our first swimming lessons …

The Black Daddies Club

… and even taught us some skills in the kitchen.

Jasmine Nicole

Selfies with daddy are a must …

Christine Cauthen

OMG Ghana
Darren Messam

… because he taught us swag before we even knew what swag was.

Jasmine Nicole

So thank you, dad …

Christine Minton

… for always letting me get the better view …

Jasmine Nicole

… having me by your side during your proudest moments …

Robinson Akintade

… teaching me how to read …

Jasmine Nicole

… making sure my pedicure was always on fleek …

Shakiyl Cox

… and for loving and supporting me unconditionally.

Happy Father’s Day!