This Mother's Reaction To Her Military Son's Homecoming Is A Must See

I'm not crying, you're crying.

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| July 19 2017,

12:26 am

Having a child overseas is no easy task, especially when they're on duty serving their country. One Nigerian mom has been praying for her son's safe return back to the States, and after a year of relentlessness, her prayers were answered. 

Toyin Opesanmi gets the surprise of her life when her son Femi walks through the door and greets his mother with a “dobale,” which is a traditional Yoruba gesture of respect for your elders in Nigeria.

Her reaction is simply priceless.

“Thank you, Lord, thank you, Lord,”  she repeatedly says as she runs into his arms to give him the type of hug that only a mother can. 

In an interview with the HuffPost, Femi's brother Akin explains how they were able to orchestrate the whole surprise.

Akin asked his mom to prepare some traditional Nigerian food because he told her he wanted a home cooked meal to take back to his apartment with him. 

“My brother hadn’t had Nigerian food in a year and that was one of his most pressing requests,” Akin said. 

While his mom cooked, Akin picked up his brother from the airport. When Akin came back, he told everyone that he wanted to eat together. While they talked, he texted his brother to come to the door, and the rest is history. 

“Getting him home safe and sound was really emotional for my mom, that’s why she kept praising God and thanking him for bringing my brother home safely,” Akin explained. “My mom’s a physician in Baltimore City and she goes out of her way to talk about her son the soldier and how proud she is to her patients.”

Well, we are so happy for the family! Once again, let's be clear that I'm not crying, you are. 

Photo: Akin Opesanmi

Photo: Akin Opesanmi