Most of us were playing with toys and running around when we six-years-old, but Oliver Fequiere is putting his time to good use. 

The innovative six-year-old has started his own business, Ollie's Fizzie Bath Bomb, which he runs with his proud parents. 

His mom, Daria King, said Oliver always had an eye for business and models in addition to his bath bomb work.

“He has always been fairly business savvy. With modeling, he loves earning money and understands that work equals dollars. After we made bath bombs for his Christmas stocking in 2017... he decided he wanted to make some to sell to his friends,” King told Because Of Them We Can.

“The kids were asked to bring in something that made them unique. His first idea was to bring in a picture of himself modeling. He has modeled for the past three years and really enjoys it. He wasn't sure if that was unique enough and then that weekend he went to a classmates birthday party and gifted her an Ollie's Fizzie Bath Bomb. She was so thrilled with the gift that he decided he wanted to bring in a bath bomb and talk about his business. He was so excited to not only talk about Ollie’s Fizzies, but also to demo the bath bomb for his friends.”

The bath bombs come with fun toys and are arranged in different colors and themes. Oliver's parents were featured in a 2014 story by Ebony magazine about their relationship and how they met.

“Both his dad and I also own our own businesses and we help him with different things. Daddy does all the graphics and is the muscle when we bring out the Fizzie stand," King said.

"I generally do all of the making. Ollie does the testing, deciding, packing and videos for all of the products.”