Days after Taylor Swift sparked a conversation about unwashed legs, Twitter let a reporter have it for admitting she doesn't wash her feet.

It all started with the Ellen DeGeneres show, as Buzzfeed reports. On May 15, Taylor Swift appeared as a guest and revealed that she always shaves her legs which therefore constitutes as washing them. When Ellen pressed about whether or not she washes her legs, she said that she "always shaves her legs." Therefore, they're always washed.

"The shaving cream is like soap," she explained.

No, ma'am, it is not! As Cosmopolitan reports, Twitter and the rest of the internet had a meltdown for two days in a debate about the event.

Ultimately, this led to an exploration of other parts of the body and the latest has sent the Black Delegation into a frenzy: washed feet.

Katie Alexander, a reporter for WIVB-TV Buffalo, retweeted her news team's post about the legs dilemma with a question of her own. "Alright, this has already sparked a lot of talk here and brought up a follow-up question: Do you wash your feet?" she posed. "I'll admit, I don't usually wash the bottoms of my feet because a)they're already in all the soapy water at the bottom & b) it makes it scary slippery! Your thoughts?"

It's very possible that Katie received more feedback than she had anticipated once the Black Twitter congregation got a hold of it. From the jokes to the sheer audacity, there is no turning back now.

The roast was serious. Luckily, Katie was lighthearted about it. She responded to one tweet and said that though she wished she never let the foot out the dirty sock, she will remain strong.

"Oh how I wish I had never said anything!" she wrote. "But on principle, I don’t delete tweets. You can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube…"

You cannot put the toothpaste back in the tube but you certainly can use it for an extra scrubbing… Here's to a lesson learned, Katie!