Bring It On is one of those classic teeny boppers movies we’ve all seen even if we didn’t plan on it. The classic one-liners (these are spirit fingers!) the ultimate 2000 soundtrack and Gabrielle Union leading the Clovers to victory, looking as good today as she did 17 years ago.

Photo: Entertainment Weekly

An all-black cheerleading squad from Savannah, Georgia recently made history with a similar storyline. The Savannah State Tigers Cheerleading Squad took home the top prize at CheerSport Nationals, the nation’s largest cheerleading competition. The team originally made their CheerSport debut in 2013 and finished in eighth place in their division. Now they’re history-making champions and even Gabrielle Union publicly gave them their props.

According to WJCL News, SSU’s Tigers Cheerleading Squad weren’t the first cheerleading team to bring this award to Savannah State, they made history as the first Historically Black College and University to ever accomplish such an achievement. 

"We have a lot of great members on this squad and a great program," Morgan Moore, SSU Sr. Cheerleader, told the reporter. "We just wanted to make sure to better it, improve it and make it the best we can, it's just a great achievement for our squad and our school."

"We're all very proud," Dathan Gooden, SSU Sr. Cheerleader, admitted. "We wanted to bring this home because no one ever really saw us accomplish anything like that before or really know what we're about, so just wanted to bring it home."

Congratulations to the Savannah State Tigers Cheerleading Squad on not only being the first HBCU to accomplish such a feat but for making history and memories to last a lifetime.