Isaiah Garza, a popular social media personality who’s known for pulling off random acts of kindness, shocked a USPS worker with another act of generosity. The generous giver pulled off their most recent stunt when they approached a USPS driver, named Debby, at her truck while she was busy with her daily routine.

“I’m trying to get some extra change to get home on the bus,” Garza said in the video. “I wanted to see if you have an extra dollar.”

Debby then offered $5 to Garza, who later asked the driver why she was willing to be so generous.

“Why? I always help people,” Debby replied.

That’s when Garza explained the real reason for approaching Debby.

“I’m surprising the first person who gives me money for the bus with $300,” Garza said.

Debby was stunned as Garza handed her $300.

“Are you serious?” the USPS employee said as she teared up while sitting in her truck. “Where’s the camera?”

As it turned out, Garza found a well-deserving person to reward on that day.

“All the homeless people around the corner will tell you that I’m always feeding them,” the letter carrier told Garza.

Still, Garza had another surprise in store.

“I got you another $100,” the generous giver said, while also giving back the $5 they took.