Thousands of uninvited guests showed up to a wedding in Philadelphia. But the newlyweds welcomed their new friends with open arms.

According to E!, Kerry Anne Perkins and Michael Gordon were taking their wedding photos in front of a hotel when the massive crowd of protesters came marching down the street, demonstrating in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and in honor of George Floyd

The couple gladly made adjustments to their photoshoot as the crowd approached, joining hands with the protesters and marching along. In a video posted to Instagram, the newlyweds can be seen raising their fists as the large crowd in the background cheers them on. The couple marched to City Hall with the protesters, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. 

Perkins detailed the couple's story in an Instagram post last month. The bride said her husband first proposed seven years ago, but she said no. Two years later, he asked again, and she said maybe. 

The couple's wedding video was also posted on Twitter, where it received plenty of praise.


It was hard for people to imagine a more beautiful couple. 

The couple will definitely have quite a story to tell for many years.  

As one social media user noted, this wedding will be part of history. 

It has been a turbulent period in the country since Floyd died at the hands of police two weeks ago. Millions of Americans, angered by the ongoing killing of Black men and women, have taken to the streets to express their voices. Violence has also broken out in the midst of some demonstrations, and businesses have been destroyed. But the story of Perkins and Gordon brought a refreshing change for some people. 

That's how you crash a wedding.