TikTok star Keith Lee is standing up for his wife, Ronni, after she received backlash on social media trolls for what she gifted her husband on his 27th birthday.

The drama unfolded after Lee shared a video of Ronni taking him to a Chrysler car dealership. Ronni blindfolded Lee when she took him to the car lot, where she then revealed that he was receiving a new Genesis G90. The luxury sedan model’s price tag is over $88,000, the Atlanta Black Star reported.

Lee, who posed for a photo with his brand-new toy, appeared to be pleased with his wife’s gift to him. Some social media users, however, called out Ronni, saying that she used Lee’s funds to purchase the car.

“Check your account big dawg!” one person wrote.

Others also echoed similar comments after seeing a video clip of Lee crying while accepting his gift.

“Keith crying bc he bought himself a car he couldn’t pick,” another person commented.

Following the backlash, Lee took to TikTok to defend Ronni.

“It’s very demeaning to my wife and myself,” he said. “Pocket-watching is crazy, let’s be honest. You don’t know where my wife money come from. My wife is blessed enough to do really well.”


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TikTok users also took shots at Lee because he was emotional in the video.

“Yes, I’m very in touch with my emotions, and if that makes me less of a man in your eyes, that’s your opinion. I’m clearly fine with that,” Lee said. “again, y’all don’t bother me none.”

Lee pointed out the good work his wife is doing in their community while urging people to mind their business.

“Just leave my and wife alone. That’s all I ask,” he said. “Come at me all you want. Leave her out of it. We just eating food, praying, staying together and chillin’. We don’t bother nobody. Nobody.”

In 2020, Lee started gaining popularity on TikTok when he started doing food reviews to promote restaurants. He boasts nearly 14 million followers.