TikTok user Travion Thomas was asked a simple question, and his response ushered in a deluge of ridicule from Twitter.

Twitter users were relentless as they deconstructed Thomas' pronunciation gaffe after he incorrectly sounded out the word jalapeños in a short clip that he posted last week.

Thomas is known to discuss various topics on his account, including rappers and food. But on this particular day, one of his followers posed a question — they wanted to know if he likes the fiery pepper on his nachos. Thomas audibly read the question back and garbled jalapeños into “jalapenonious,” and social media instantly started to rag on him. 

“Well, I don’t eat nachos like that, you feel me. That ain’t my favorite food, by the way, you know what I mean? So nuh-uh," Thomas said at the end of the video.