A TikTok video showing Beyoncé‘s mother, Tina Knowles-Lawson, being lifted from the floor seats by paramedics at the Renaissance World Tour is going viral. Knowles-Larson attended the May 14 stop of her daughter’s highly anticipated tour supporting her latest studio effort, Renaissance. The 69-year-old grandmother of four was seated in the “Club Renaissance” section, where fans have paid top dollar to get the closest access to Queen Bey herself.

TikTok user Carla Sciuto, captured the footage and shared a video, which shows paramedics possibly questioning if she wanted to go to a less rowdy area. “I still don’t understand how she ended up in the floor with us,” Sciuto said.

With the help of The BeyHive, Knowles-Lawson was able to safely get over the barricade. Mama Tina even mouthed “I’m sorry” to the fans for the commotion before shaking hands with one as she walked away. The clip has since racked up nearly 10 million views and over 800,000 likes so far.

Fellow TikTokers and Beyoncé fans expressed their thoughts about Lawson being in the mosh pit. Some users thought this might just be a mama thing. “Tina does this on purpose. She wants to hear what the people are saying about her baby girl 😂 ” @Adore527 joked.

Another theory is that Knowles-Lawson knew she was in good hands with The BeyHive. “She was walking around with no security just chilling around the arena she know she safe with the HIVE🫶🏽🫶🏽” @Sadé Chatman said, whereas @Jen M commented, “Yall know mama Tina be tryna vibe with the fans occasionally.”

Meanwhile, other members of The BeyHive wanted her protected at all costs! “Tina needs to be backstage IMMEDIATELY 😂 – @Jaylan 👑 weighed in. User @TJ Thomas wrote, “Tina, why you not in the back eating Giselles tour snacks!!???😳”

Could you even imagine sharing a mosh pit with the woman who gave birth to none other than Beyoncé?