These Entrepreneurs were fed up with the lack of diversity in the media. Here’s their solution that just might revolutionize what we define as “mainstream.”

It’s no secret that Hollywood has a diversity problem. For years, people of color worldwide have been pointing this out. While shows like Empire and Scandal represent an incremental change, the demand for local and international content is booming and far from being met.

That’s where Afrostream is hoping to step in. Already crowned “The Netflix of the African Diaspora,” the website is gearing up to launch a service that exclusively features African and African-American content. Founded by Tonjé Bakang and Ludovic Bostral, Afrostream is preparing to launch in Europe and Africa next month for €7 before tackling the rest of the world.


Afrostream’s goals seem lofty, but the initial support clearly indicates that they are on to something special. The Y combinator company has raised an impressive $100,000 in just four weeks, and already has 2,000 subscribers weeks before they launch. However, Afrostream’s biggest appeal might be in its aspiration to create original content. Like Netflix, Afrostream aspires to create original series like Orange is the New Black and House of Cards. But imagine a universe where Uzo Aduba (a.k.a. “Crazy Eyes”) would be the main character at Litchfield and Frank Underwood was actually a Nigerian politician named Adejola. Now are you starting to see the big picture?

Ultimately, there are 1.2 Billion of people of African descent on this earth who just want see characters and narratives that they can relate to.

There are so many diverse black communities throughout the world from China to Brazil, and Afrostream has taken on the task of uplifting and profiling those stories. Check out the video below to learn more about what Afrostream has to offer.

This post was brought to you by Afrostream.

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