Actor Tony Todd said the pain he endured from his insect costars while on the set of Candyman wasn’t in vain because he ended up receiving a hefty bonus check in return.

When the horror flick debuted in 1992, it not only terrified viewers but shed light on how marginalized people are treated in America.

In the film, Todd played Daniel Robitaille, the ghost of a Black man that was murdered in the 19th century for falling in love with the daughter of a wealthy white man. Robitaille was the son of an enslaved man, and upon finding out that he had impregnated the white woman, a lynch mob sought him out, cut off his hand and tortured him by smearing him with honey until bees stung him to death. Robitaille’s body was then burned and hung where the public housing projects of Cabrini-Green Homes were built. It’s there that the urban legend, Candyman, continued to haunt the community.