Students enrolled in Spelman College’s English and honors programs got an epic surprise during a Zoom call Thursday evening.

Actress Tracee Ellis Ross jumped on the call to chat with more than 60 students, taking the time to answer questions about the television industry and share insights into her career.

The Emmy Award-nominated actress spoke at length about her work on Black-ish and Mixed-ish, which are both airing their season finales on Tuesday, May 5. 

During the meeting, the 47-year-old read a powerful quote from legendary writer and feminist Audre Lorde about the need for Black women to tell their own stories and define themselves in the way they see the world. 

"I love being a part of this ever-growing chorus of Black women owning our legacies, and owning our stories and owning our experiences. That's the reason it's so beautiful, as I scroll through looking at all of your faces, because that is the path and the journey that each of you are already on," she told the women on the call.

"I feel honored for this moment to be brought into your journey and your path. I hope to see you on the world stage," Ross added.

She also spoke about her time working on the set of hit shows like Girlfriends and Black-ish, as well as her experience executive producing Mixed-ish.

The Golden Globe winner answered questions some of the students had about careers in the entertainment industry, emphasized the importance of authentic storytelling and shared a few behind-the-scenes facts about her latest projects.

"Time has been the biggest obstacle, now. Before, it was 'How do you get in?' Now I'm in, how do I use my time in the smartest way? How do I work hard and work smart? How do I stay curious? How do I stay compassionate? How do I stay kind? All while being in a dynamic and a paradigm of what I like to call matrilineal power which is shared power," Ross said during the call.

"This is not mine, this is ours. Every win I have is a win for you. Every win you have is a win for me," she told the students.