President Donald Trump met with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, who has faced criticism from both sides of the aisle about how the President's tweets are handled.

Hours before his meeting with Dorsey, the president accused his social media platform of playing “political games” with his follower count, which currently sits at just under 60 million, which Trump believes should be higher.

According to what an anonymous source with knowledge of the meeting told The Washington Post, Dorsey stressed that changes to the platform's policy would cause follower numbers to fluctuate, even citing his own as an example.

On the other side of the aisle, those on the left who have pointed out how Trump’s tweets occasionally break Twitter’s rules have called for the president to be banned from the platform.

“Blocking a world leader from Twitter or removing their controversial Tweets would hide important information people should be able to see and debate,” the company wrote in a blog post responding to calls to punish Trump's account. “It would also not silence that leader, but it would certainly hamper necessary discussion around their words and actions.”

Trump is not the only conservative with complaints about his treatment on Twitter, as Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) is suing the social media platform for $250 million due to parody accounts for “defamation” and “insulting words.”

A Twitter internal email first acquired by Motherboard regarding the meeting did not state what the meeting would be about but did give further reasoning surrounding Dorsey's thought process around accepting the invitation.

“As you know, I believe that conversation, not silence, bridges gaps and drives towards solutions,” Dorsey wrote. “I have met with every world leader who has extended an invitation to me, and I believe the discussions have been productive, and the outcomes meaningful.”

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