Media personality Ts Madison, known for her larger-than-life personality, with many viral moments under her belt, stopped by Blavity News this month to discuss her new show, Turnt Out with Ts Madison, and her journey to self-love.

On Her New Show

We’ve seen Madison on a variety of digital platforms throughout her career whether it be social media or YouTube, and now we’re able to see her on her very own talk show. For Madison, Turnt Out with Ts Madison will allow viewers to see that we’re all human, no matter how we may identify.

“We’re all human at the beginning and the end of the day no matter what we identify as or no matter what our orientation is,” Madison said. “I want people to come to my show and have a human experience with me and that’s what I’m doing every single week.”

On Manifestation

While this may be Madison’s first official talk show, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen the media maven utilizing her talents as a media personality. Madison urges those who have watched her journey to take away one thing — you have the power to create your life.

“I really manifested this in front of the world,” Madison told Blavity News. “If people don’t take anything from my journey, whether you like me or not, know that you have the power to create your life, no matter the obstacles that are stacked against you.”

On Self-Love

Today, we look at Madison as someone who stands in her fabulousness and glory, who is a true embodiment of self-love. The journey to loving herself, wholeheartedly, is something that hasn’t always come easy to the Florida native.

“The journey to self-love was most definitely rocky,” Madison said. “When you’re walking around the earth and you don’t really know what your purpose is, you’re like ‘what am I doing here?’”

On Purpose

Madison goes on to state that finding one’s purpose is a key component on the journey to self-love.

“I think when you really start seeing that you walk in your purpose, that is most definitely a key to opening the door of self-love,” Madison said. “You love yourself more when you understand ‘I really have a purpose.’”

Madison's show, Turnt Out with Ts Madison, appears Tuesday nights on Fox Soul at 8 p.m. EST/5 p.m. PT.