Dear Friends, in the spirit of Valentine and due to popular demand, I have finally decided to upload the part 2 to our timeless love classic O LE KU on our YouTube Channel. You will be able to watch freely from Thursday 14th February 2013 – Valentines Day on our YouTube channel. So why not sit back and relax with loved ones and invoke classic nostalgic memories of love and friendship. Also make sure you subscribe to our channel to enjoy more freebies coming soon. Happy Valentines! TK

Words from the Facebook page of veteran Nigerian director Tunde Kelani, embracing social media – specifically, video sharing site YouTube – to inform, excite and enthrall fans as development of his latest feature film officially begins.

While you wait for that, as he states, you can watch a film he made some 16 or so years ago – one of his earlier works – Ò le kù, Part 2.

The Yoruba romantic drama centers on Ajani, a student in his final year at the University of Ibadan, who's in search of a girlfriend/wife, partly in response to pressures from his mother, and the many women in his life he's interested in, who further compound his predicament.

It stars Feyikemi Abodunrin, Pauline Dike, and Yemi Shodimu. I'm watching the film for the first time as I type this, so no commentary yet. But for those who are interested in seeing Mr Kelani's earlier work, ahead of the release on his latest, which he's currently developing, and also if you'd like to see some Nigerian cinema that isn't typical Nollywood product, you should check this out.

It certainly won't be anything that you're used to here in the USA, in terms of overall production values especially, but, as I said, it's one of his earlier films, so give it a chance, and familiarize yourself with the work of a filmmaker who we'll be talking about in the future for sure.

Here's the 2-hour-long Ò le kù, Part 2. It apparently won't be online past today, so take advantage of a free viewing, since they don't come around often for films like this: