Ky’air Thomas, one of two 6-month-old infants that gained national attention as part of an Ohio kidnapping case in December, has died. 

According to WBNS, Columbus authorities responded to a call reporting an unresponsive infant on Saturday night.

Paramedics rushed the child to Nationwide Children’s Hospital, where he died at 11:44 p.m.

Although an autopsy is scheduled for Monday, family members have said Ky’air’s untimely death was due to a feeding accident. 

Wilma Booker, the twin’s great aunt, provided WSYX with a statement on what she claimed happened.

“While I wasn’t exactly right there when it happened, my kids were there. Momo (the twins’ mother’s nickname) was feeding the babies, and one of them started choking on the milk and that’s what happened,” she said. “She immediately called 911, trying to do chest compression and CPR things to get the baby back at that time. It was just like an accident that happened from feeding the babies and that was it.”

She added that she was “in a state of shock,” and the twin’s mother, Wilhelmina Barnett, is “doing really bad right now.” 

Booker elaborated on how their family is dealing with the string of tragedies they have endured.