The Twitterverse created #AngieThomasAppreciationDay on Monday to celebrate the work and influence of author Angie Thomas. Thomas' debut young-adult novel "The Hate U Give" shot to the number one spot on The New York Times best-seller list, for young-adult novels. The book inspired an upcoming film adaptation, with the same title, and a star-studded cast including, Amandla Stenberg, Regina Hall, Common and Issa Rae.

People using the hashtag shared ways in which Thomas' work has inspired them. Thomas' "The Hate U Give" tackles racial injustice and police brutality. One author tweeted that Thomas' work is an inspiration for both teens and parents. 

"Her words don’t just help the teens who read her books. Her words help their parents," he wrote. "[Thomas] writes books that will help me have hard conversations with my son when he’s older. I don’t have the words, but she does. And I’m so grateful." 

The hashtag is timely as it comes amid controversy, surrounding a recently resurfaced video, featuring one of the white cast members. Twitter users called attention to the video of Kian Lawley–a known YouTube personality–saying racial slurs (the video is edited with bleeped out words). Though it's unclear when the video was created or uploaded, Lawley released a statement on Twitter on Sunday,  addressing the backlash from the video:

Since Lawley's video resurfaced, it has sparked a lot of online conversation about the video's racist themes. Thomas has also received her share of negative comments. On Monday, Thomas addressed the situation on Twitter. She explained, though the public is in the dark, on the whole situation, more information would be "revealed eventually."

Other Twitter users said the video controversy led to Thomas to receiving backlash, from Lawley's fans:

While the talk surrounding the video has gained traction, the #AngieThomasAppreciationDay hashtag  refocuses attention back to where it belongs — on Thomas and her impressive accomplishments. 

One author on tweeted Thomas "changed the course" of her life:

Thomas tweeted she is overwhelmed by the outpouring of support. 

Keep on shining, Angie!