It's always fun when Twitter decides to bring things back from the dead. Thanks to one enterprising Twitter user, we all got a glimpse of a ridiculous local TV interview featuring a composed Black woman thoroughly gathering a white reporter who intended on making her look bad.

The clip is from a 2015 interview between Fox13 reporter Trey Paul and Terri Oliver, the director of The Academy Childcare and Preschool in Memphis. In January 2015, 22-year-old suspected drug dealer Terrell Phillips was being chased by police before he forced his way into Oliver's daycare center.

Oliver and other employees of the daycare attempted to keep Phillips out, but he pushed the door in. They eventually were able to get him out of the building, and Phillips was later arrested and charged with possession of cocaine with intent to sell, criminal trespass, evading arrest and driving without a seat belt.

However, throughout the interview, Paul tried to place blame on Oliver for the situation, repeatedly asking her the same questions. Despite his questions, Oliver stood firm in explaining what happened and applauded her team for following their security procedures. 

Fox13 deleted the story after backlash at the time and fired Paul for his conduct, but the story can still be found online.

Here are some of the best Twitter responses to the clip.

None of the responses could match that of Oliver's son who tweeted about the clip after it went viral. 

He mistook the cameraman for Paul, but his reply was hilarious regardless.

The original Twitter user added that there was even more of the interview that he couldn't fit in the first tweet.

Most of the responses ranged from anger at Paul for his conduct and confusion about why he felt the need to badger Oliver for something that was not her fault.

One Twitter user even pulled out the Bernie Sanders meme.

Most responses highlighted the racism inherent in Paul's questions, essentially implying that Oliver was at fault.

So many responses lauded Oliver for keeping her cool despite facing blatant racism.

One person pointed out the Black excellence that was displayed in the interview.

Even other reporters noted that it was obvious what was going on.

Most people said Oliver had the kind of patience they wish they had.

Thankfully, everything worked out well for Oliver. Her business has been up and running for more than 26 years now, and she started a GoFundMe for the daycare's playground, which needs an upgrade.

Paul moved on to working at a news outlet in Columbia, South Carolina, and had to put his Twitter page on private once the clip went viral again.