CNN, Fox News and other major news outlets took the plunge Saturday afternoon and declared former vice president Joe Biden as winner of the 2020 presidential election, ignoring unverified claims by President Donald Trump that the count was unfair to him. 

Biden had been on the cusp of victory for days as states like Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Georgia had us all watching endless hours of cable television waiting for results. Thanks to huge turnout numbers from the Black communities in Detroit, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Atlanta and other cities, Biden was able to push past the 270 mark with a win in Pennsylvania. 

Nine of Trump's lawsuits against the vote count have either been thrown out or denied, and his advisors have told him to prepare for the reality that he has lost, according to the Wall Street Journal. But Trump, as one would expect, is not taking it well. 

He continues to deny that he lost, and the Wall Street Journal said he does not have plans to concede. 

But Trump's reticence to accepting reality has done little to damper the happiness of millions of Americans desperate to get him out of the White House. 

There's been partying, memes, horn honking and more in cities across the country, and the world, as it becomes clear Biden and his running mate, Senator Kamala Harris, will take office in January.