It’s that time again and the internet is aflame with a lesson in #DuragHistoryWeek. No one is safe — athletes, musicians, actors and more are having their history with the classic piece of headwear pulled from the depths of the internet and retweeted for everyone to see. And there’s certainly a lot to take in.


This tweet might be from last year, but its historical relevance (and hilarity) is still timeless

But Moses wasn’t the only historical figure seen in one.

Some well-known legends can be seen rocking the durag.

Musicians (especially those from the ’90s and early ’00s) have a major presence in Durag history.

But actors and athletes weren’t spared.

of course, there were some bleak times in Durag history.

And we reflect on them deeply.

Because the Durag is a powerful thing.

They were an important part of romantic culture.

And some people tried to reinvent the wheel with their alternative styles.

Durags have even had some heavy supporters that lack hair underneath.

there’s no denying that the durag is legendary and #DuragHistoryWeek is full of some gems.


but if that’s not enough Durag history for you, check out this Dormtainment video below.

What’s your favorite time period in the history of the Durag? Let us know in the comments below.