A video clip showing Clark Atlanta University (CAU) students getting down ‘n dirty is circulating on social media, and the reactions are largely a mixed bag.

The video shows a crowd of people gathered together for what appears to be a poppin’ college party, and among the group is a young man and a young woman, CAU students making out.


It’s speculated the man is a college senior while the woman is an incoming freshman.

The sweaty, shirtless man is notably carrying the woman in his arms, and she’s essentially straddling him as they tongue wrestle on camera.

Shortly after, the man places the woman back onto the ground before joining some other men to engage in what appears to be a fraternity chant. Commenters have speculated that the man in question is part of the Omega Psi Phi frat, whose members are commonly referred to as “Ques.”

“Only at Clark Atlanta University she so nasty,” one person who circulated the video wrote on Twitter.

Several other Twitter users followed suit and reverberated this sentiment by criticizing the woman’s behavior.

However, others shut these comments down and pointed out the misogyny behind only criticizing the woman.

Some people were more upset at the man, as he’s allegedly older.

Of course, the woman also had people who were rooting her on and saying that the video wasn’t a big deal at all.

Some people took the opportunity to trash-talk the Ques over the frat’s alleged reputation.

Others weren’t concerned with the morality of the situation and were more worried about whether the young woman had a boyfriend.

Lastly, one user pointed out that this situation is unfolding while CAU is barely kicking off the 2022-2023 school year, leading people to only imagine what else is in store for students at the Atlanta institution.

This matter comes on the heels of another HBCU-goer’s bold antics going viral.

As Blavity previously reported, a recent graduate from Florida A&M University took some cheeky graduation photos that featured her naked while on campus.

The Tallahassee, Florida, HBCU launched an investigation into the incident, followed by a cryptic message the student penned about how she’s just waiting for her degree to be conferred and doesn’t want any issues with the institution.