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Two Baltimore Police Officers Agree To Accept Slap On The Wrist For Their Role In Freddie Gray's Death

The officers don't believe their actions "violated any policies, procedures or practices of the Baltimore police department."

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About a year ago, two of the Baltimore police officers involved in the arrest of Freddie Gray — who died in police custody — were found not guilty on all charges against them.

25-year-old Gray died from a broken neck after being taken to the station in a transport wagon without being first restrained by a seat belt. Three offices were acquitted during the trial that followed his death; the cases against the other officers involved were dropped.

Although the judicial system closed the book on the officers, a police department rial board wasn't done with them.

Two of the officers involved in Gray's death — Garrett Miller and Edward Nero — were set to defend themselves in front of the trial board in the coming weeks. However, The Baltimore Sun reports that Miller and Nero have decided to accept a punishment rather than face the board.

Michael Davey, who represents the Baltimore police union and both Miller and Nero, told the Sun that the two officers accepted "disciplinary action ... to ensure they continue their employment with the Baltimore Police Department so they can support themselves and their families.”

Neither Davey nor the department revealed what form the disciplinary action will take, but the Sun believes that the officers may be forced to take a five day suspension without pay.

Miller and Nero hope "to move on from this unfortunate incident and continue their careers," Davey said.

And continue their careers they will.

Miller is currently on full-time duty with the department's marine unit, and Nero is also working full time, with the BPD's aviation unit.

Davey was also quick to note that the two men “do not believe they violated any policies, procedures or practices of the Baltimore Police Department."

Three more officers — Alicia White, Brian Rice and Caesar Goodson  — are awaiting their trial board hearings. They could leave those sessions with a more severe punishment than Nero or Miller. All three of them face possible termination.

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