As cries for justice continue for Breonna Taylor who died at the hands of three officers in the Louisville Metro Police Department, one of the accused policemen is now facing separate accusations of sexual assault.

According to People, two women have accused officer Brett Hankison of sexual assault on social media. One woman identified herself as Margo Borders on Facebook and alleged Hankison "invited himself into my apartment and sexually assaulted me while I was unconscious."

In a statement released Tuesday to the Louisville Courier-Journal, Borders referred to 44-year-old Hankison as a stalker.

"He used his uniform to stalk women at local bars and sexually assault them," Borders said. "I was one of these women. This man knew his badge would keep us quiet and that his LMPD brotherhood would protect him. After several years and several victims, it was clear he was right."

"When I found out that Brett Hankison, whose face and presence in Louisville had haunted me for the last two years, was one of Breonna’s killers, I knew my time of being silenced by this man was over," she added.

The second woman, Emily Terry, detailed on Instagram that, as she was heading home from a bar inebriated one night, Hankison offered to take her home. 

"I thought to myself, 'Wow. That is so nice of him,'" Terry wrote on Thursday. "And willingly got in. He began making sexual advances towards me — rubbing my thigh, kissing my forehead, and calling me 'baby.' Mortified, I did not move. I continued to talk about my grad school experiences and ignored him. As soon as he pulled up to my apartment building, I got out of the car and ran to the back."

Both individuals have been contacted by officials in the department's Public Integrity Unit, and a department representative said an investigation would be forthcoming.

"We are aware of these posts, and investigators are looking into the allegations," LMPD spokeswoman Jessie Halladay said in an email to the Courier-Journal. "If anyone has information about these cases, we encourage them to call (502) 574-7144."

Hankison, along with colleagues Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly and officer Myles Cosgrove, has yet to be detained after they raided the home Taylor shared with her boyfriend Kenneth Walker the morning of March 13 and fired nearly 20 shots, killing the 26-year-old. All three officers have been placed on administrative reassignment as the probe continues.