The hip-hop community has been abuzz with activity over the past few weeks as Drake and Kendrick Lamar exchanged fiery diss tracks. However, rumors suggesting their shared label, Universal Music Group, coerced them to resolve the feud have been debunked.

TMZ reported that a screenshot from an insider familiar with the situation has circulated on X, formerly known as Twitter. The screenshot suggests a meeting was held between Drake, Lamar and UMG to settle the rap feud and move on with their lives and careers. 

“UMG also had a Zoom meeting with all of the parties involved, and they want Kendrick, either directly or said through pgLang, to post a statement clarifying that Drake isn’t a pedophile if Kendrick agrees to end the beef,” the source claimed.

The screenshot also argued that Drake was losing the rap battle and that the allegations against him had cost UMG, Nike and other popular brands “a lot of money.” 

Despite the screenshot going viral on social media, a verified source close to all parties involved informed TMZ that everything mentioned in the alleged narrative was untrue. 

Additionally, several insiders confirmed that UMG would not interfere in the feud solely between Drake and Kendrick, who are signed to the label through distribution subsidiaries. The company understands that their differences have no bearing on the business aspect and chose not to be involved. Furthermore, their multiple back-and-forth releases cause millions to stream and play them, which equates to more money for the label.

Blavity reported that the rap feud was initially between Drake, Kendrick and J. Cole when K.Dot delivered a fiery verse on Future’s “Like That. Cole then responded with “7 Minute Drill and later apologized to Kendrick at the annual Dreamville festival and backed out of it. However, that did not deter the two musicians from continuing to exchange insults and diss tracks aimed at each other.