In the race to success, white guys finish first, at least according to the University of North Georgia’s course catalog cover. Although problematic, white privilege and white systematic advantage is no new concept, especially in the realm of education. On the cover, which is ultimately a PR #fail, two white, well-dressed men are shown crossing a finish line first on a race track while a blue collared black man stumbles to keep up and a woman of a non descript race seems to be hanging in there at a close third place.

Now if I wanted to be funny I’d look at this and think hmmm…although this may be an accurate depiction of the race of life, it’s wildly inaccurate in track and field. All I know is that if they were on the track, the brotha would have been up front. Naaaahh mean? It’s sad but sometimes the best response to things like this is laughter.

UNG is an 89% white and 3% black institution so this comes as no surprise but must they be so blatant and insensitive? At any rate, they apologized, wrote is off as a marketing oversight and promised, “The catalog will be reprinted before any further distribution.” I wonder what they’ll do with catalogs already in circulation. Maybe the Sigma Alpha Epsilon students can use them to pack their shit as they vacate the premises. Minorities attending UNG, good luck. It seems you’ll need all the help you can get.


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