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New University Of Louisiana System Goal Puts Pressure On Grambling State University To Triple Its Graduation Rates

GSU had 729 graduates across its programs in 2015-16. Its new goal is at least 2,083.

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With any high school or college/university, graduation rates are important.

The University of Louisiana System has launched a new ambitious goal to hit a system-wide annual graduate rate of 18,700 college degree-earners. Currently, the system-wide annual average is 16,000. In just eight years, the system plans to increase overall graduate rates by 20 percent.

According to HBCU Digest, Grambling State University may be the schools within the system that will feel the pressure of this graduation increase the most.

In the 2015-16 year, GSU had 729 graduates across all of its degree platforms. To pull its weight with meeting the UL System's new goal, GSU will need to nearly triple that number to at least 2,083.

UL System president Jim Henderson spoke with KATC (see below video) noting that in order to reach this goal they will have to "make new investments in our faculty" as well as invest in "underserved populations — first generation students, people that we have neglected for far too long."

Overall, he believes this goal will help better prepare students for their respective career journeys.

GSU recently boasted its highest enrollment in four years, but is unfortunately second-to-worst in the UL System's overall degree tally, having awarded just 12,928 degrees between 2000 and 2015. 

We certainly hope this new goal is a success and we have faith in the GSU students! 

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