What seemed like a diss between Shedur Sanders and Montana Lemonious-Craig was a joke. When news of Coach Deion Sanders losing two of his best players on the University of Colorado football team to the transfer portal aired, Shedur went on Instagram Live to share his thoughts.

The Buffalo’s wide receivers, Montana Lemonious-Craig and Jordyn Tyson entered the portal a day after their team’s recent spring game. Before the spring game, both players have spoken to outlets this year about finding better options for the remainder of their college football careers.

Coach Sanders’s son, Shedeur Sanders, a quarterback on the team, seemed unhappy with his teammate’s decision and requested fans to bombard Lemonious-Craig’s Instagram comments.

“It’s a crooked world nowadays man, it’s a crooked world,” Sanders said. “You’re lucky he got his comments off because I would tell you to go spam his comments. The dude I just posted on my story, y’all go spam his comments from the last post before the one he just did and y’all say, Why you leave, why you leave, why you leave, why you leave, why you leave, why you leave, y’all do that for me right quick,” he said during his Live.

“Y’all look at the person I just posted on my story, and go to a picture that you can comment on, and flood it right now,” he added.

“It was a joke. Craig was with him when he made the video. That’s him laughing in the background,” a fan tweeted after see a clip online.

Although fans were quick to defend the wide receiver against Shedur’s comments, Lemonious-Craig could be heard laughing in the background of Shedur’s video. The clip came off as a friendly trolling moment between the two but it’s understandable as to why Shedur is still unhappy with his friend leaving.